Recent Work

US Department of Defense

Police, EMT, Fire and the CDC needed a field solution for interfacing with nuclear detection devices to determine the seriousness of nuclear threats. So we created native Android and iOS apps that provide the mobile reach-back solution necessary for emergency responses.

Device Integration

Barefoot worked with 20+ nuclear radiation detection device manufacturers to make sure the RadMate mobile apps would be extensible across a broad range of radiation detection devices. The Communication protocols include: Serial to mini-USB, USB to lightning, USB to mini-USB, Wi-fi, Bluetooth Classic, and BLE.

Security and Authentication

Given the highly sensitive data being transmitted, security was a high priority for the RadMate mobile apps. As a solution all data transmission is fully encrypted and user accounts are secured via a custom PIN code protocol.

Other Work

As an iconic entertainment company, IMAX needed a web presence on par with their brand and cutting edge technology. But it couldn’t just look nice- with massive releases like Star Wars, also needed to be robust enough to handle millions of customers, flexible enough to handle daily content updates, and adaptable across all devices. So that’s exactly what we built.

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