Which Technology Adds Value for Your Clients…and Keeps Them Happy
June 17, 2014

You are a business leader and understand the value of a lifetime customer. Whether you have a subscription business or function on one-time sales, continuing to reinforce your value is a must.

The best way to build value while minimizing cost to you? Technology. Software. Plain and simple. Great customer service is a glorious thing, but when you can add tangible products with obvious functionality, your clients won’t question why they stick with you. Be the hip company that reminds your clients that you are the cutting edge company – and those stinkin Bieber-loving kids have nothing on you.

Here are a few ways you can ensure your customers understand that they are making the right decision by working with you.


Give ‘em an Exceptional Website

It’s pretty obvious that you can’t screw up a client’s website and you need to do an adequate job – but I’m not talking about adequate. Make sure your client’s website is boss. Sharp, neat, and so thoughtfully organized it’s easy to find information. Don’t forget to include responsive and mobile friendly design, rich with features and compatible with the latest technology and social media platforms. You don’t want to provide a single website where users are second guessing navigation.

Think of a sharp website like a sharp suit. It’s your first impression of someone you want to do business with, and if every piece of your client’s appearance is well put together – you have proven you are one attractive firm people want to do business with.


Mobile Apps

Mobile apps, mobile apps, and oh, did I mention? Mobile apps. You have the burden of proof that you are an innovative company to work with, are consistently on top of your game, and know what technology is most utilized in today’s market. A
short 5 years ago mobile apps weren’t nearly the rage that they are today. However Internet users and business professionals alike are increasingly using their phones to get their jobs done, and need your help to do so.

While responsive design is a step in the right direction, providing a downloadable app – for both iOS and Android – reminds your clients that you are the knowledgeable company to trust and do business with.


Google Glass App

Google glass and other wearables are a crazy new bit of technology. And by crazy I mean mind-bogglingly innovative and something you need to understand and offer to your clients.

It can be intimidating and a little weird, but HEY. Remember that you must be the cutting edge company and who isn’t afraid to embrace the newest technology. Building an app compatible with your savviest clients proves that you are not only interested in new technology, you embrace it and are championing ways to use it to their benefit.


Lightning Speed Development

No one wants to wait – ever. When was the last time you actually sat through a commercial when watching TV? Probably the Super Bowl, and probably won’t again until the next one. Using the same logic, your clients don’t want to wait around on a slow development team to complete specifications. The more time passes, the less you proof you have your act together, and the less your clients will enjoy working with you. Pick up the pace and exceed expectations.


Demonstrate Technical Expertise

The reason your clients hire you is because they don’t necessarily know what they are doing. While you may not be in charge of writing code or designing websites, it is important to surround yourself with the best professionals who do. By doing so your clients will know that you take them and their time seriously, and don’t bother dealing with amateurs.

You know you are the best out there. But adding value for your clients starts with working with the right companies with proven experience. We can help.


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