Moving is Awful, But These Apps Make it Sort of Fun
May 27, 2015

movingapps, custom application developmentDepending on the reason, moving can be an exciting or a terrible experience. Either way, it’s a lot of work that no one particularly wants to do, even if you’re moving to the tropical oasis of your dreams.

 Thankfully it’s 2015, and there are apps built for just about everything. From finding the right neighborhood to your specific home, app developers have thought of just about everything when it comes to moving. Let’s take a tour of how the typical moving process works, and the apps that can help you along the way.


Step 1: Get Hired By a New Company to Give You Money

Maybe you’re lucky enough to transfer with your company, or the reason for your move is to accept a new position. But for the movers who are relocating based on heart’s desire or just plain needing to get away from Aunt Silvia’s cheek pinching nonsense, you’ll want to get the job hunt squared away or at least off the ground before you hit the road.

One of the first places you’ll look is your LinkedIn app, and connect the heck out of everyone in your peripheral network. Then you’ll naturally get your resume up on Indeed and create job filters for the types of jobs you’re interested in. You can do regular job searches on their app while you’re waiting in line at the DMV to get your new license, and receive alerts when a new job in the area you’re looking in pops up.

Yet once that lead trail dies down, another great place to look is Intro, an app network that connects via LinkedIn and Facebook to people within your particular industry. Intro introduces you (see what they did there) to new people in your social networks via the persons you have in common. It also alerts you to professional events and social meet-ups so that you can put on your game face and get that new job with your polished elevator pitch and knowledge of the weather.


Step 2: Find Somewhere to Put Your Couch 

cpro, app development companiesAh apartment/condo/house hunting. Such a delight. If you couldn’t read through the blatant sarcasm, allow us to point out that hunting in this regard is nothing really fun at all. But do it you must, and fortunately there are plenty of ways to get it done. Craigslist is an old go-to, but for some reason they no longer support their mobile app. There are now however 3rd party apps that pull ads from Craigslist letting you, the happy househunter, browse from your phone. Two of the most popular, per the App Store, are cPro and Daily Craigslist. We prefer Daily, simply because the UX is a little more friendly and has this feature that lets you circle the listings you like. We like circling things. For Android users, the most popular is cPro again and then CityShop, in which case cPro is the better option.

 Getting away from Craigslist is an app specific to the house hunt only. Padmapper, the app that makes, “apartment hunting suck less,” is ideal for drilling down to the locations of places you want to live to view all available listings. Once you download the app, switch on the location services and Padmapper will display on a map all available apartment and housing listings for rent. From there you can filter by price, bedrooms, bathrooms, and keywords, helping you find that new apartment that hopefully won’t suck.


Step 3: Hire a Strong Lad/Lady To Move Your Stuff

buddytruk, mobile app development companiesIf you own a truck, you know how annoying it is when every other weekend a friend wants to borrow your truck to move their kayak, couch, or worst yet, their entire residence. Don’t be that guy and get a moving truck. One of our favorites is BuddyTruk, for as they say, “Whenever You Need a Buddy With a Truck.” Available on both the App Store and Google Play, BuddyTruk links you to local people with large vehicles who will use their personal truck to get your stuff from point A to point B. The downside is, this is more the “Uber for Moving,” and isn’t so good for when you have a 3 bedroom home you need to move from Chicago to San Diego. A better alternative for this scenario is Ghostruck, which syncs with professional movers in your area and tell you exactly how much the move will cost. In fact at the time of this writing, Ghostruck is offering a 25% discount on your first move, so get to getting.


Step 4: Settling in to Your New ‘Hood

You made it! You’re filling your piggy bank, you have somewhere to rest your head, and all your stuff is in one new place. Now, time to make some new friends – or get really good at solitaire if that’s your thing.

meetup-app, mobile app development companiesIf you’d rather interact with other humans, a solid first choice is MeetUp, a social network for strangers who like to do the same activities. Want to practice sprechen-ing your Deutsch? There’s likely a MeetUp group for that in your new town, and you’ll be able to flirt in the ever so romantic language that is German with new neighborhood darlings. No matter how normal or strange your preferred social activities are, Meet Up is a great place to join and check out some of the happenings in your city. 

But how about getting to know the neighbors in your specific neighborhood? Nextdoor is “the private social network for you and your neighbors,” allowing you to connect with your neighbors directly in your neighborhood. It even requires a verification process so they can make absolutely sure you live in that neighborhood. Nextdoor is great for finding a new trustworthy babysitter, finding your lost pup, or when you’ve settled in and realized you don’t need 27 beer steins, can help you find them a new home.

Moving is the worst, but thankfully there are plenty of ways to get there. Have an idea for a moving app? Ping us here and we can get it moving.

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