What Apps Can Do For Construction Management
October 1, 2014

Apps have been able to help professionals in all kinds of industries. From traveling sales teams to law enforcement, mobile apps have been enabling all kinds of businesses become more efficient. In fact recently we investigated how mobile is helping the medical industry and took a closer look at all of the advancements there.

In our next investigation, we discover how integral mobile apps have been in the construction industry. Specifically in construction management, it has been impressive to see how technology has influenced this space. Utilizing apps allows you to more easily transform the visions of clients and create the project you have in mind.

Now we’re talking construction here, so let’s be honest – there are no small projects. Everything you do is a massive endeavour, but some are more colossal than others. By using software to help manage construction projects, managers are more able to handle multiple projects and coordinate the many moving parts involved in accomplishing assignments of a large scale.


One of the toughest parts in putting together projects in any industry is streamlining communication. Even in highly individualized work like, oh, writing, many people and processes are involved before the final words you are currently reading are set out in front of you. Much more involved is the task of construction management, and you can use all the coordinating help you can get.

For example one company, PlanGrid, allows contractors and architects to collaborate with all their project plans, specs and photos. How? Users can upload PDF drawings which then automatically syncs to all teams in real time. Even further, any markups or adjustments can easily be shared with everyone on the construction project.

Simplify for Accurate Calculations

If there’s one thing that’s important in construction, it’s ensuring your calculations are spot on accurate. And you guessed it, there are apps available for those very purposes. Some allow for easy calculations for all kinds of measurements, such as rectangular prism volumes, volume cost and weight, and total cost and weight of volumes groups.

For example, Construction Master Pro offers a wide range of calculators for Android and iOS, including feet/inch fraction math calculators, and a version that can be used to estimate materials needed for stair railing and fence projects.

Offsite Monitoring

Sometimes you need to travel. Other times you’re curious how things are going when you’re across town. Mobile apps now make it easy for you to track progress of workers. If you have installed fixed cameras, apps like Control Center 7 take robotic snapshots, which contractors can send to colleagues, review videos and operate cameras remotely. This particular app works with Android, iPad, and iPhone.

Even Easier Being Green

The demand for green building is louder than ever. From residential to commercial projects, the entire industry is affected by the call for green building. While you can spend half of your time researching new environmentally friendly options, Green Pro is an app that lets architects, engineers, and contractors understand, access and track Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits for projects. Users can access credit requirements and find out when a particular requirement has been met.

Overall, construction management requires a vast amount of talent and an acute eye for detail. While apps can never replace the human element required, they can help make your job a little bit easier and create visibility across teams. Meet and exceed client expectations and build safely, effectively and deliver aesthetic products your team can be proud of.

Bear in mind that while construction companies have their similarities, each company is unique and has naturally developed its own processes over time. Given this, the best approach may be to build custom web and mobile apps to manage varied parts of the business. At Barefoot, we are experienced in understanding the needs of construction management companies, gaining insight into the needed outcomes, and able to build these powerful custom apps. The goal is to develop apps that integrate with each other to meet all of your project management needs and help you become more efficient, focused, and on track.

Have an idea for a construction management app and want to get started? We can help, let us know what you have in mind.

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