Lunascape: The LAST Browser You’ll Ever Need
November 12, 2009

by Robert Wang

Created by Lunascape, Inc. in San Jose, CA, the Lunascape browser allows users to incorporate the functionality of three of the world’s most popular web browsers into a single versatile shell. New users will find that they can not only instantly toggle between the Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome browsers, but also customize their browsing experience from a huge database of plugins.Lunascapers can pick and choose from their favorite extensions for BOTH IE and FF, which is one of Lunascape’s handful of truly unique and innovative functions.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for browsers to develop the ability to tile, cascade, and arrange multiple tabs within the same window. Downloading and running multiple browsers simply for the sake of comparison was always a hassle, but invariably necessary as part of any good web development or design job.

If you’re still running to and fro across your office, looking for a computer with an old version of IE to test your new layout, your days of involuntary exercise are finally over.Lunascape provides a service much like BrowserShots, in that it allows you to view a page across multiple concurrent browsers, however where BrowserShots falters, Lunascape rallies–granting users some much needed interactivity.

Thanks, San Jose.

The software is still beta testing, so naturally there are a few kinks to be worked out. For instance, the browsing experience can get a little unstable when running multiple browser types on particularly media heavy sites.

Despite its shortcomings, Lunascape 6 already shows vast improvements in speed, reliability, and function compared to its predecessor—and if it continues to evolve at the impressive speed it’s currently maintaining, we’ll be the first in line to make the switchover.

The thoughtful design and versatility of the software are what really help it shine. Lunascape enables any page in the net to be associated with any of the provided browsers, allowing you to fully optimize your web experience such that you’ll never need more than a single browser ever again. It even comes pre-programmed to support mouse gestures to make your browsing experience seamless and streamlined like never before.

The Lunascape browser shows a lot of promise, and we eagerly await the final product.If you’re itching to test a fresh copy, free downloads are available on the company’s homepage!

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