Barefoot Solution’s Favorite Mobile Applications (That We Didn’t Develop)
June 27, 2013

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We thought it would be fun to make a shoutout to our favorite mobile applications that we didn’t develop. They’re listed in no particular order, but these are the apps that our team at Barefoot Solutions uses most often. We’ll tell you what our favorite mobile apps (again, not including any that we’ve developed) do, and why they do it best. Enjoy!

1. Feedly
It’s our favorite way to get news, especially on what’s going on in our industry. We can use it on our laptops or on our smartphones. We prefer Feedly over other news aggregator applications, because it’s easy to navigate through articles quickly to find what we’re interested in reading.

2. Waze
Waze is our favorite mobile navigation application. Because it’s crowdsourced, we’re notified of accidents, traffic, and even the location of police officers as soon as someone else sees them. So not only does the app save us time when driving by routing us around traffic, it also helps us avoid tickets when we’re in a hurry!

3. Mint
Mint is our favorite mobile application for managing our finances. After initial setup, it’s really easy to check account balances, and it notifies us of upcoming bills. Oh, and it also helps us save money, since it’s free!

4. Safari To Go
This mobile application gives up access to over a thousand ebooks and videos that we can reference at anytime from anywhere.

5. Alarmed
We love Alarmed, because it keeps us organized and punctual. We use it to remind us about recurring tasks, such as oil changes, dog grooming, or bills, as well as one-time only tasks, like doctors appointments, when concert tickets go on sale, and even when our laundry is done.

6. Clear
Clear is the best mobile to-do list app ever. It lets us easily create tasks and lists. When we’ve completed a task, we erase it from our to-do lists with a simple swipe. And the application’s beautiful and intuitive design makes us want to use it more often.

7. Bandsintown
Bandsintown makes sure that we never miss a good concert. This application scans our smartphones’ stored music and Spotify for musicians that we listen to and lets us know when they’re performing nearby. It even gives us suggestions for other bands’ concerts that we might enjoy.

8. Buffer
Buffer makes it ridiculously easy to share whatever we find interesting on websites like Feedly to our social media pages (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc). The best part is that this app automatically schedules our posts to be spaced out, so we don’t spam our followers and friends. Buffer also offers insights, so we can see the number of clicks and the reach of each post.

We hope you take the time to check out these awesome applications and enjoy them as much as we do!

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