8 Science-Based Apps that Even Non-Scientists Will Love
January 12, 2017

science appMobile application technology is about more than fun and games. Biotechnology and other science apps are changing the way both beginners and experts look at the field — and the result is a better-informed public.

Here are a few of the best biotech/science mobile apps available for download:

My Cancer Genome

This free iOS app tracks the rapidly-advancing cancer medicine field, giving users access to information on FDA studies, clinical trials, recently approved cancer drugs, and more. People can search information on their cancer type and learn more about mutations, therapies, and medicines available.

Contour Diabetes

Recently approved by the FDA, this app connects via Bluetooth to a smart diabetes monitor and will debut in early 2017 for iOS and Android users. The app then gives patients suggestions on management and care. By analyzing the trends of users, the app can provide long-term solutions that allow patients to change their habits for good. The device also alerts users through the app and helps with meal planning. Patients can sign up for cloud-based data logging, too.

Human Genome

Users can find information that connects certain genes with disorders, and can learn more about their own genetic makeup. From a technical standpoint, the app outlines where specific genes are located on chromosomes. The information provided in the app is loaded from the National Center for Biotechnology (NCBI) Information, the National Institutes of Health, the National Library of Medicine, and more. Genetic data is updated as new information is obtained. The app is free through iTunes.

Genetics 4 Medics

This app is an encyclopedia of information on genetic conditions. Users can search by the condition name, or symptoms. There is a wealth of data and digital literature on each condition, along with case studies and typical treatments and therapies. There are also strong graphics that identify the location of the genes. The app has an upfront cost of $4.99 and is available for Android and iOS.


Recently relaunched, the FierceBiotech mobile application is a one-stop shop for news in the industry on topics like FDA rulings, clinical trials, and biopharma news. Inside the app, readers can browse full articles and save them for offline reading later. The app also offers push notifications when biotech industry news happens. It’s free for iOS users.

Clear Organic Chemistry

For those who find organic chemistry challenging (and that’s many, many people), this app tries to strengthen the user’s knowledge base and offer insight into the field. Students can delve into the 144 practice questions and then review the bonus material at the end of each quizzing section. Reactions and nomenclature are split and studied, clearing up any organic chemistry confusion. Cheaper than a chemistry tutor, the app is inexpensive at just $1.99 for iOS devices.

DNA/RNA/Protein and General Molecular Weight Calculator

This free app for iOS devices is pretty clinical in its aesthetic but gets the job done. It contains four calculators that are used for protein, DNA, RNA, and chemical formula calculations. Users can figure out the molecular weight of chemical formulas by typing it in, or picking one from a generated list. The app is free for iOS devices.


For science and biotech students and beginners, this app provides 20 classic formulas for free. Among those formulas are calculations for force, mass, and acceleration. Users can purchase an additional 20 formulas and then submit their own custom formulas. While it’s best suited for beginners, the app is also helpful for researchers who want to solve physics problems quickly.

With the right mobile apps, biotechnology and related fields are more accessible than ever before. From FDA news to formula cheat sheets, science is literally at your fingertips.

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