10 Days of IoT Devices for the Holidays:
December 4, 2018

It’s happening– a world where we control everyday items in the palm of our hands and sound of our voice is finally here. From a fridge that lets you know you’re out of milk to finding your keys with an app, here are 10 days of smart products you need for this holiday season.

1) Samsung Smart Fridge 

The first on our list for IoT Devices for the Holidays, is the Samsung Smart Fridge, there isn’t much it can’t do. With voice activation you can add items to your shopping list and check what you’re out of. In addition, while you are at the store, you can check the inside of your fridge from any mobile device with it’s 3 built in cameras. For home entertainment, this fridge can even stream music and television while connected to other smart devices.

2) Wemo Smart Crockpot

The holidays are times for good food and good times. On day 2 of IoT Devices for the Holidays, make sure your meals come out just right with the Wemo smart crock pot. It connects to a mobile application where you can adjust cooks times and temperatures even when you’re not home. You can program customized cook settings and come home to a meal made just right, every time.

3) Smartypans

With day 3 of IoT Devices for the Holidays, cooking just got a lot easier and way more fun. Smartypans is a smart cooking pan that comes with an interactive mobile application. It allows you to adjust temperature, track weight and other measurements as you cook. But it gets better, you can even speak and create recipes as you go, and send over to friends and family to share your masterpieces with step by step instructions.

4) Tile

Everything is a little more hectic during the holidays, but with day 4 of IoT Devices for the Holidays, losing your necessities is no longer a worry. Tiles can be place on keychains, inside a wallet or on anything else you can’t lose, but always misplace. From the mobile app, you can sound an alarm when you’ve misplaced it, and even track your items in the world’s largest lost and found network.

5) Behmor Coffee Maker

There is nothing better than a nice cup of hot coffee on a chilly morning during the holidays. Day 5 of IoT Devices for the Holidays takes care of it for you. With the Behmor smart coffee maker, you can control the timer with their mobile app and adjust temperature and pre-soak settings. You will even gain access to recipes and other personalized settings.

6) LIFX Smart Lights

On day 6 of IoT Devices for the Holidays, set the mood with color changing lights from LIFX . Control from any mobile device – red lights for the holidays or dimmed lights for movie time. Transform your space with over 16 million colors and create personalized home automation settings. You can even set wakeup and nighttime shifts for your desired times.

7) Kala Ukelele

Bring the holiday cheer on day 7 of IoT Devices for the Holidays this season with the Kala Ukulele. Get access to their mobile app that helps players of all levels. It listens as you play and provides feedback. You will also have access to thousands of songs and tutorials.

8) HAPIfork

Stay on top of your health on day 8 of IoT Devices for the Holidays with HAPIfork, a connected smart fork that lets you adopt healthy eating habits. With a connected mobile device, it makes sure you eat at the right time and eat at the right pace. You can even follow a coaching program and share with the community.

9) Hoist Indoor Cycle Bike

Keep off the holiday treats on day 9 of IoT Devices for the Holidays. The Hoist Indoor Cycle bike keeps you on top of your fitness, and tracks it in the palm of your hand. The mobile application connected to the indoor cycle bike, allows you to track workout data including setting personal records. You can track total calories burned, max speed, and tons of other great data. It also features a rich data display with interactive graphs.

10) Kholer Numi Smart Toilet

It’s day 10 of IoT Devices for the Holidays, here’s something you didn’t know you needed to improve your bathroom, the Kholer Numi smart toilet. With Kholer Konnect, you can fine-tune every aspect of your toilet experience. From heated seats to foot warmers and automated ambient colored lighting. This will keep you and the family content with your bathroom experiences this holiday season and beyond.


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