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San Diego is known for its deep waters, great beaches, gentle year-round weather and its booming healthcare and biotechnology development.


San Diego is the city that is home to the 25th Street musical bridge too. It totally gets that art can be both functional and beautiful. And that’s what a great mobile app is – a work of art that adds new and amazing functionality to a Smartphone, and takes full advantage of features like GPS, camera, data and interactive graphics capabilities.


The market in San Diego for new mobile apps is booming. Companies all over San Diego are using original applications based on iPhone and Android mobile technology to open up exhilarating – and profitable – new levels of communication with their customers.
Now it’s your turn. All you need is the right development partner to turn your mind-blowing creative vision into reality. Barefoot Solutions is that development group.


iPhone App Developers San DiegoiPhone Application Development

iPhone App Developers

  • We make native apps for iPhone, iPad and now Apple Watch Development too.
  • We use the strength of the platform to develop apps that jump, spark, sizzle – and work.
  • We can do the whole kit and caboodle, including utility apps and games
  • With our built-to-suit, feature rich functionality your idea leaps to life
  • The teams working on your app have vast experience in programming and design. They live, breathe and dream iOS every day.
  • We communicate with our clients every step of the way too – clearly and concisely. No cricket’s chirping, no missed deadlines.




Android App Developers San DiegoAndroid Application Development

Android Application Developer San Diego

  • We make awesome native apps for Android. As Android is now the world’s most widely used platform, the possibilities are endless.
  • Custom built functionality is not only our specialty, it’s our passion. It’s where we shine – and our apps prove it.
  • Like other Android developers, creating utility apps and games are all in a day’s work. But our utility apps and games are more intuitive and just more exciting.
  • The team that develops your app will know Android inside and out. They will have many, many hours (eons really) of Android programming under their belts. And the design team will blow you away.



iPhone Application Design San DiegoIntuitive Design

Our creative team is one of the best in the country. Their results show that they love what they do. You’ll love what they do too.


Their native curiosity about all things mobile means they never stop learning, inventing and morphing, always keeping the user top of mind – and you reap the benefits of their obsession.
iPhone App Developer San Diego

  • We specialize in User Experience. The apps we develop are – first and foremost – user friendly.
  • Have you ever used an iPhone app that just “worked”? Yeah, we make them like that. Then we go one step better..and then another step better…
  • And we’re not all razzle dazzle. We create a live prototype of the site before a single line of code is written. And we test, and test and test some more.






We may be hip, but we don’t ignore the rules…

We have a solid, practiced understanding of the Google Play and iTune’s App Review Guidelines. We keep the guidelines in the forefront while we plan and build out applications. We ensure that your app is accepted into either store.

Not in San Diego? We’re developing apps in LA and OC as well as Seattle app developers! Feel free to stop by.




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