Apple Watch App Development

Make Your App Shine on Apple Watch

Want your application on Apple Watch? So do we. As one of the most highly anticipated wearables released in 2015, Apple Watch can bring your mobile application the attention it deserves and on the wrists of yet another type of user. You can enjoy the audience that will come from including your app on Apple Watch, while simultaneously taking advantage of the new things you can do with your app in Apple Watch’s ground-breaking interface and feature set. Here at Barefoot we are are most excited about the new ways we can flex our UX muscles to create some of the most beautiful applications Apple Watch will offer.

Why Barefoot:

  • We work with anyone from startups to enterprise corporations to government agencies
  • Apple Watch, Apple approved, custom built functionality
  • Full understanding of WatchKit app specifications and requirements
  • In-house team of designers, developers, and App Store marketing experts
  • User experience (UX) is our love and specialty
Apple Watch App Development in San Diego, CA

Why Barefoot Solutions?

New App, New Style, App Development focused on the User

Your new Apple Watch app must stand out among the rest, while maintaining the integrity of your iOS app. This is why we focus on your core competency and main feature objectives to show them off in this smaller user interface. Given our previous experience developing iOS apps, we understand the intricacies of working within this operating system to ensure your app not only meets but exceeds the requirements of this revolutionary technology.

Attention to Detail, UX Experts

Apple Watch has opened the door to a wide range of new opportunities due to its function as an extension of what you can do with your iOS app. Some extensions serve as remote controls for technologies ranging from thermostats to home security systems, synchronizing everyday life on your wrist. Integration with social media apps has never been easier than on Apple Watch, as well as schedule management for the business person and/or athlete on the go. While Apple Watch is changing the way we interact with time-keeping, health, work and social life, we are changing the way these applications delight users and make using your app a part of their everyday lives.

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