search-engine-marketingSearch Engine Marketing

We use a blend of local and overall SEM to improve your visibility. The biggest hurdle is getting the word out. Let us do the talking.

  • This is one of the basic foundations of marketing your business online.
  • Someone right now is looking for your product and finding your competition.
  • If you’re not competitive with SEM, you’re missing out on the vast majority customers.
  • Close to 80% of people “Google it” before they buy, download, or sign up.

multiple-platforms App Marketing

There are over a million apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. When we launch a new app, we want to be sure you have every competitive advantage available to make it a success.

  • We’ll take time to do keyword and competitive research as well as optimization to ensure your app is readily visible to potential users
  • People don’t just use the App Store or Google Play to search for new apps. We’ll help you brand and optimize your app in Google, YouTube and other Social Media sites like Facebook to get people talking about it.
  • We don’t stop there. We’ll submit your app to review sites, create a press release and even create a promotional video for your app.

social-media Social Media

This isn’t just about adding friends on Facebook. We define social media as the tools that help spread the word of your business, and help you communicate with your customers.

  • Advertising on social networking sites was a $3 billion market in 2011, a 55 percent increase over 2010. We read that on Twitter.
  • The social media outlet is where you create the positive image for your brand, and SEO is the powerhouse of converting people. We tie them together so you can dominate.
  • This isn’t just for small potatoes. Big corporations like Coca-Cola use tools like Twitter to generate intoxicating amounts of leads (86.5 million of 1 promoted Twitter trend).

pay-per-clickPay Per Click Marketing

In our experience, this type of web marketing can be a disaster for business owners unless properly set up and managed. The reason is, tools like Google Adwords and Microsoft adCenter (on Bing) appear easy to set up and manage without professional assistance.

  • Pay Per Click can generate the “right off the bat” results. If you’re early in the launch phase for your site or app, PPC can be your biggest asset.
  • Unlike SEO, Pay Per Click puts you on top of the search page as soon as you start the campaign.
  • 40% of website visitors leave the site on the very first page they see, and go elsewhere. This is mostly because they didn’t find what they were looking for in the first 3 seconds (really). We make sure they get what they want — fast.

video-marketing Video Marketing

People like videos. It’s proven that web pages with videos have a higher conversion rate than others. Our team can create the right marketing video for your as well as optimize the video to show in search results. Whether it’s live action or animated, we’ll create your video, edit and post it correctly it to ensure maximum visibility and profitability.

  • The average American internet user watches 30 minutes of video online per day.
  • Video marketing done right is simple to understand. One click and you get all of the information you want spelled out and drawn right in your face. One of the most effective web marketing tools today.
  • Video marketing your app, web-app, or website can easily create that “Aha! I get it…and I want it!” moment.

email-marketing Email Marketing

Keeping in contact with your potential, current and past customers has never been more important. With a proper email marketing process, you will be able to create a steady stream of new leads.

  • The average snail mail campaign gets a 1-2% response rate. The average EMM campaign gets a 20-30% open rate. Pretty big, eh?
  • 83% reported that their email is the first thing they check when going online for business in the morning.
  • Email is the preferred method of talking biz by almost 3/4 of all adults.
  • A greener way to reach your customers. We all love that.