Medical App Development


Mobile health (mHealth) is a popular buzzword, but it’s also one of the most important topics in the medical industry. mHealth allows our society to practice medicine and support public health through the same mobile devices we carry around every day — accessible anytime, anywhere. Barefoot Solutions excels at medical app development and is helping launch the medical industry into uncharted technological territory.

Medical apps face special challenges other apps don’t, such as the need for extra security to keep users safe and specific regulations from the FDA and insurance companies. For your convenience, Barefoot has the right experience and knowledge to ensure your app is ISO 13485 and/or HIPAA compliant, as well as functional and good looking!

Android and iOS Medical App Development

At Barefoot, we have experience with both iOS and Android medical app development. Depending on the devices your prospective users gravitate towards, it could make sense for your app to be developed for iOS, Android, or both. Within each platform, we have the skills needed to develop your app for smartphones, tablets, wearable tech, and more.

Do you want to develop an app that assists pregnant women? Or, are you looking to develop an aid for individuals with diabetes? Apps can be developed to support any person or medical condition in some way or another. Check out our portfolio or contact us to learn more about our medical app development expertise.