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The importance of mobile apps

Mobile apps have completely revolutionized how we interact with our smartphones and all signs point to this trend continuing well into the future, especially since 25% of online retail is expected to be done via smartphone and tablet by 2017. With the continually growing importance of mobile apps, businesses and enterprises can no longer ignore them and have to have a strategy in place when creating their own.

 Let our experienced consultants guide you

At Barefoot Solutions, we know how important it is to create a seamless mobile app experience for your users. That’s why we always go into development with a predetermined development strategy. The Barefoot Solutions mobile app strategy consultants have years of experience creating apps that stand out in the crowded app store and get your business noticed.

Creating great experiences
with smart design

Our mobile app development strategy is built upon a dedication to user experience and intuitive design. No one wants to use an app that is difficult to follow and provides an overall negative experience. Our goal is to create an interface that delivers exactly what the user is expecting, wants, and needs so that they continue to use the app time and time again.

Seamless integration
with your business

Once we’ve established a clear roadmap for the app design and user experience, we’ll work closely with you to seamlessly integrate your mobile app strategy with your existing sales and marketing initiatives. We want your mobile app to work alongside your current strategy to drive more sales and gather additional leads for your business. While usability on the customer side is the most important obstacle to overcome, your app also has to work for your sales and marketing team for the best possible results.

Understanding Demographics
makes for great experiences

During the mobile app strategy and development process, the Barefoot Solutions team will help you research your target demographics to identify exactly what your audience needs. A thorough understanding of your audience is crucial when developing your app and helps us create the perfect app for your business needs. This is best achieved by identifying common problems that your customers come across when working with you and integrating solutions to those problems into the app.

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