At Barefoot Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to help startups take a concept for an app or software solution and make it into a reality. Most startups come to us with a problem they’ve identified that they believe they have a solution for. We’ll work closely with you to cultivate that initial idea and build it into a viable app design and plan that you can use to launch your business. We also have strategic partnerships with other companies that can help you further develop your business past the app.

During the initial planning stage, we’ll help you identify your target market and work with you to create a design and user experience that matches those users. This also helps you identify a potentially saturated market that may prevent your app from making much of an impact. While we’re planning this out, you may also want to know if your app can be monetized. There are several options for app monetization including charging for downloads, implementing in-app purchase options for upgrades, driving sales on a website, or selling data to marketers. We’ll help you identify the most effective monetization option for your app based on a variety of factors.

Once you have a completed app, we can help you continue to develop it more and update it as needed. During the initial launch stage, you’ll receive an overwhelming amount of feedback from users and we’ll be there to help you parse through it to find the best and most actionable tidbits that you can apply to your updates. We can also help you analyze the user interaction and download data that you get from the initial launch and gain valuable insights there. This all helps us correct any potential problems or bugs that may come up when we first launch.

Whether you want a simple app with basic functionality or a massive, robust app with dozens of features and option for your users, Barefoot Solutions can provide strategic and developmental support at every step of the development pipeline.

Let us know what we can do for you!