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Google Glass App Development

Glass is clearly here.

We all have a new reality facing us – literally. Google Glass is here. At the vanguard of the wearable revolution, Google Glass opens up a view to an abundance of app possibilities stretching as far as the eye can see.

This is the perfect time for Barefoot Solutions to step into the picture to help you make that Google Glass application idea you have a living, breathing product.

Our Google Glass developers at Barefoot Solutions have over 10 years of user interface experience and software expertise. Our clients span the globe, with offices in the cities of San Diego, Los Angeles and Seattle.We got our feet wet on the front wave of web app development and then jumped quickly and successfully to master the mobile app swell.

Now we are taking the new wearables app development in stride, like Glass apps.

“ok glass”

take a picture …

record a video …

get directions to …

sent a message to …

make a call to …

pointer This is How We Start

At Barefoot Solutions, we like playing with new technology and new toys. Getting on the forefront of Glass app development is just us getting involved early – as we always have.

Before we write a single line of code, we walk through each and every iota of design, function, and user experience with you so no element of your Glass app is unexplored and you have no questions unanswered.We will also build a live web based prototype for you.

code And Then We Develop

Whether your Glass app is geared for use in the personal, sports, medical, law enforcement or sales field – or some avenue yet unthought-of – our number one objective when producing your app is creating a great user experience.We know the greater the experience, the faster the user base will grow.

We set our sights on the final product.We work carefully through every bit code and design as we go. No measure is missed, nor shortcut taken. And we use all the nerdy best practices every step of the way, including building detailed docs and functional prototypes.We don’t forget to follow through with consistent quality assurance testing either. Nor do we leave you out of the loop.We make sure each move we make is in lockstep with your vision.

We Groupthink with You All The Way Through the Launch

While there aren’t yet millions of Google Glass apps available yet, there soon will be. So when we help you launch your Glass app, we’ll take full advantage of the newness.We’ll be sure you have every competitive advantage available to make your app a success.

You know you want to stay on top of the wave, where you have always been. Our Google Glass developers will be right there with you to ride your Glass app through to success.