Recent Work

As an iconic entertainment company, IMAX needed a web presence on par with their brand and cutting edge technology. And with massive releases like Star Wars, also needed to be robust enough to handle millions of customers, flexible enough to handle daily content updates, and adaptable across all devices. So that’s exactly what we built.

Rich Interactivity

Almost every element on the is either animated or interactive to give the site a living, breathing feel. Check out the IMAX Difference to see how rich animations and effects can transform a web page into an immersive experience.

Scalable Architecture

New releases like Star Wars generate massive amounts of traffic, so we implemented a highly scalable, load balanced infrastructure. The extensible architecture has also allowed for easily adding micro-sites like IMAX VR, and internationalization for global markets.

Simple Content Management

From new movies to press releases and ticket sales, the content flowing through is constantly changing, so Barefoot implemented a robust set of content management tools so updating the site is fast and user friendly.

Other Work

US Department of Defense

Police, EMT, Fire and the CDC needed a field solution for interfacing with nuclear detection devices to determine the seriousness of nuclear threats. So we created native Android and iOS apps that provide the mobile reach-back solution necessary for emergency responses.

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