Drive-In Classics

Here is a chance to see all of the movies that you missed when you were doing other things at the drive-in (we mean playing on the swing-set below the screen or the line at the concession booth, not the make out stuff).
Watch classic horror and Sci-Fi while you pretend you are in the backseat of mom’s station wagon, if you want, whatever, we don’t mind.

Get the popcorn ready because there are some zombies, space aliens, Grindhouse, Exploitation and classic spooky guys waiting for you here. All with a press of your remote.

Lots of movies hand picked as the best of the era to choose from with new selections added each week.

Examples include Night of the Living Dead, Plan 9 from Outer Space, The Last Man on Earth, Carnival of Souls, Dead People, Nosferatu, and others.

The Challenge

Redesign, update and test application on tight timescale for release.

The Solution

  • Update app for Apple TV 4th Gen.
  • Redesign Interface for new Apple TV design guidelines.


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