Want to Become More Fit? Try Naked 3D
January 26, 2017

naked 3d
There are fitness trackers, and then there’s the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker. Clickbait name aside, this new fitness tracking device has the potential to seriously disrupt the market for individuals who want regular, accurate, and motivating details about their fitness journey.

In recent years, most fitness tracking developments have come in the form of wearables and other devices that are meant to gamify the process of losing weight. Naked 3D Fitness Tracker is not that. In simple terms, it’s an app for iOS and Android, paired with a high-tech mirror and turntable scale.

Pitched as “the world’s first home body scanner,” the device creates a 3D model of your body as you stand on a Bluetooth-connected scale. That scale rotates 360º while the full-length mirror uses Intel RealSense Depth Sensors to do a full body scan in just 20 seconds. Those sensor images are stitched together to create a 3D avatar visualization of your body. That image appears on your app, complete with metrics galore: weight, body fat, muscle gain and loss, circumference of muscles, and more.

That 3D visualization isn’t a stagnant image. Instead, built in heat maps highlight where you’ve lost fat and gained muscle over time. Compare your 3D avatar from one month to the next and it’s easy and astounding to see the progress that has been made. It’s the measurement of incremental daily improvements that helps users stay on track with their fitness goals — rather than being motivated by questions such as “am I getting healthier?”

The Reasoning Behind Naked 3D

Naked 3D was developed by a San Francisco-based startup called Naked Labs. Farhad Farahbakhshian, the CEO and co-founder, is an electrical engineer and former spin teacher who wanted to give people of all sizes an objective and accurate picture of their appearance, health, and fitness level.

Farahbakhshian told TechCrunch that without the help of technology, eyes can focus on problem areas, which can lead to inaccurate perceptions of how a body looks. Not only that, but appearance is just one piece of the puzzle: one person can look great but not have enough fat, and another person can be overweight but not realize how out of sync their muscle and fat levels are.

While some may challenge the device as promoting body shaming or putting too much emphasis on one’s physical appearance, that’s not the purpose at all. Rather, it’s meant to help people visualize beyond their physical appearance, and use science to keep people on track as they work towards improving their health.

Unlike intelligent scales and other devices that estimate body fat within a margin of 8%, Naked 3D can get that estimate to within 1.5%, making it comparable to a water displacement test.

Implications for Future Use

Projections of body fat and muscle gain are just the start for Naked 3D. Farahbakhshian says the startup is open to integrating with other fitness trackers and services in order to provide people with a more holistic view of their body and exercise routine.

He told Wareable that Naked 3D could also be used to detect asymmetries in a person’s body, quirks that could pose the potential for future injuries. With a full picture of your body and its development over time, the device will also likely have the potential to show targeted areas of improvement to prevent strain and increase overall health. Finally, Naked Fit also envisions working virtually with trainers so people can get personalized exercise tips along the way.

Naked 3D has been beta testing on real people since 2015 and you can see the results for yourself as of March 2017 when shipping for the mirror and scale begins.

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