Linking Facebook, LinkedIN, and your Blog to Twitter!
November 19, 2009

by: Robert Wang

Twitter’s new integration scheme has made it easier than ever manage your social media marketing campaigns. Following setup (instructions below), with one simple click you will be able to communicate your micro-message across multiple platforms simultaneously. In a generation where speed is everything, Twitter is quickly becoming an indispensable tool. Now compatible with Facebook, LinkedIN, and Evernote (to name a few), integration will allow your message to populate across platforms every time you post a new tweet.

Here’s how to set it up:



    1. Create a Twitter account, here.
    2. Follow this link. You should see a prompt similar to the following:


  1. Click allow.
  2. Login to your Twitter account and tweet away!


Follow this link. You should see a prompt similar to the following:

  2. Go to
  3. Click ‘Edit Page’ beneath the name of your Fan Page
  4. Find ‘Twitter for Pages’ in your Applications list and click the pencil icon
  5. Click ‘Edit’
  6. Allow Involver to install.


      Though this isn’t highly advisable as the social media applications of Twitter and LinkedIn don’t really overlap, we’ve included a tutorial just in case you decide to do it anyway. We know how stubborn you are.

    1. Create a Twitter account here.
    2. On LinkedIn: Scroll to the bottom right-hand corner of the page and look for the [ + Add an Application ] box.
    3. Hover over the box, scroll down the resulting menu and click “Tweet” (left thumbnail)
    4. Click the “Add application” button (right thumbnail)
    5. Login to your Twitter account via LinkedIn.
    6. Choose the settings that best suit your needs.



    1. Create and login to your Twitter account.
    2. Go to this URL:


  1. Pick where you want to place your Twitter Widget.
  2. Select the look and options that best suit you.
  3. Copy and paste the code provided into the body of your site.

Once you’ve completed any of the above operations, you’ll be able to update your Twitter and synchronized account simultaneously through

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