Apps We Wish Existed in High School
March 4, 2015

Ah, the highs and lows of high school. Sure there was excitement around football, rallies and dances, but the technology factor compared to today was sorely lacking. Remember when the TI-81 was hip new technology right next to the greatest game ever, Oregon Trail? That was only until the TI-83 came out. Minds blown, it seemed like robots were right around the corner, and Marty McFly’s skateboard would be mainstream by junior year.


Yet as we look back today we realize yesteryear’s technology wasn’t even an iota of what it is today. This is even more true when reviewing and building today’s most innovative apps. Every now and then we’ll stumble across the next viral app in excitement..but then a little bit of jealousy will wash over. “Why didn’t this exist when I was 16?!”


Here are some of the greatest, and most jealous-worthy, apps that those lucky scoundrels today get to have at their fingertips.


photomath, custom application developmentPhotoMath


Some people look at an algebra, calculus, or arithmetic equation and the numbers come right to them. Those people are called asshats, and many of them work here at Barefoot. For the rest of us, solving equations takes a little more effort, coffee and possibly aspirin. Yet today we have PhotoMath, the mobile app savior for people who struggle to complete homework on time or for adults who use math in their everyday lives. The app functions by uploading a snapshot taken of a particular mathematical equation. From there, the app solves the problem and the user can go on living their life.


study blue, custom application developmentStudy Blue


Flashcards are a requirement to survive language, science, public speaking, any class that requires memorization. Remembering to carry those cards around isn’t always the easiest, and the hassle of going to the drugstore to pick up a new pack can be a chore delayed indefinitely. Study Blue is the solution for this issue, as an app that provides users with sleek study cards on a well organized user-friendly platform. Students can even share cards with each other, create checkpoints and quizzes, and track how well they are doing with the subject matter.


audible, custom application developmentAudible


The importance of understanding literature and taking time away from the world to read will always be a value. This notable fact can however backfire, fueling the overly ambitious English and Lit teachers who assign an overwhelming amount of books to read, leaving you little time to complete the assignments themselves. Audible would have been a great option for completing assigned readings when you were out walking the dog, shopping alone, or simply taking the car out for a drive. Had this option been available, perhaps we wouldn’t have overused the then-valuable Cliff Notes, and would have been able to enjoy the collections in their entirety.


duolingo, custom application developmentDuolingo

We recently dove into why Duolingo is a fantastic language learning app. Well we really mean it and think as teenagers we would have loved it then too. The app functions like a video game, unlocking levels as you learn new vocabulary and pass tests. Don’t be scared at the word “test,” though. The lessons function with varied games, testing your speaking with puzzles and guessing sequences to sharpen your language skills in different ways. From there, the app sends daily reminders to keep you on track and to keep the Owl – the cartoon friend who guides you through the language learning journey – happy. Even as an adult you’ll love it too and hablas español before you know it.


tinder, custom application developmentTinder


Well…come on. High school is basically a giant dating forum. While you do have to be 18 to use Tinder, if you turn 18 in high school you’re likely ready to meet some new people outside of your class anyway. Those who attended smaller schools or are 17 and under could argue the lacking need for Tinder. But what about when you were hanging out at the mall on Friday night? Or went to another school’s football game and wanted to see what kind of talent existed beyond rivalry walls? Tinder could have been a great way for teenagers sich of their own dating pool and curious to see who else they could ask to homecoming.


High school may bring you a host of fond memories or a wave of recalled embarrassment. Either way, there’s no doubt that the mobile apps of today could have helped your life in some way as you meandered through the halls of youth.

Have an idea that could be applicable for today’s teenagers? Let’s get it started.

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