6 Must Have Mobile Apps You Need. Right Now.
July 22, 2014

6-must-have-mobile-apps, mobile app development companyIt would be pretty dumb for a mobile app developer to claim their app isn’t better than the competition. So how can a savvy professional like you sift through the options? We know you as a mobile user are demanding mobile apps, as in 2013 information technology research company Gartner estimated 102 billion mobile apps were downloaded. This continues the trend of a steady increase in mobile app use, proving that there is no shortage of demand. Similarly, there’s no shortage in availability of mobile apps, from utility to gaming to washing-your-car apps.   Well we are still waiting on the last one, but the options are still vast.   Which apps are really worth your time? We investigate.


Most professionals deal with the juggle of long strings of email, piles of documents, and maintaining various task asana, mobile app development companymanagement tools. Aimed at facilitating “teamwork without email,” Asana’s clean design encourages teams of all sizes to collaborate within one task management product, allowing users to communicate, upload files, and integrate with other management products. Asana also includes integration with other popular products like Dropbox, Google Drive, JIRA, ZenDesk and more assisting professionals with maintaining communication across various platforms.  

Expensify Expensify, mobile app development company

Traveling for business can be rough. Keeping track of receipts, cabs, dinners? You’re better than that and frankly have better things to do.  Expensify has earned plenty of praise – and rightfully so – as this easy-to-use app helps you create as they say, “expense reports that don’t suck!” Simply take snapshots of receipts as you go, send reports as often as you like, and leave the accounting to others so you can get back to business.  



Perhaps it’s just me, but there is something about a constant stream of music that propels high productivity. Spotify spotify, mobile app development companyis the champion of music apps by allowing users to stream not only music radio stations, but compile playlists for later listening of your choosing. “Liking” songs populates a “Liked from Radio” playlist, which personally has become the best playlist I’ve ever put together. This all comes with the free version but if you’re feeling fancy, the paid version allows listeners to select any song, anytime.  

Square square, mobile app development company

From farmer’s markets to trade shows, business owners are using Square. Compatible with your iPhone, iPad or Android, the app comes with an easy-to-use swipe reader (for free!) and costs only 2.75% of the merchandise total per swipe. A small price to pay to avoid the annoyance that is turning down card-only customers. What’s better is Square doesn’t require a contract and deposits funds directly into your bank account, making you look savvy as you close the sale without friction.


Google Drive

Do you use Google Drive in the office? If not you should, and when you do get this app. Available for both iOS and Google-Drive, mobile app development companyAndroid, Google Drive allows you to collaborate with colleagues in real time on documents, spreadsheets, as well as allows you to access your drive from anywhere. The app lets you access the entire Google Drive suite, and even lets you get started with 15 GB of storage totally free.


Adobe can be considered a trusted authority for various software products, and yet another is their mobile e-signature echosign, mobile app development companysolution EchoSign. Used by over 5 million mobile users, EchoSign also assists big brands like Google, Groupon, TiVo, Kia and more, totalling over 50,000customers and counting. But you don’t have to be a mega-company to get your hands on the product. With plans starting at $14.95/month, EchoSign is a reliable solution available for anyone.  

Think there other mobile apps more useful than these? Or better yet, do you want to build something better? Send us your idea and let’s get started.

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