6 Great Health-Boosting Apps for Individuals
January 19, 2017

health apps
Technology has made certain things in life just a little bit easier, and that’s not a bad thing. Customized health and fitness is possible thanks to mobile technology advancements such as apps! The Journal of Medical Internet Research recently reported that people who use fitness apps spend more leisure time in active pursuits — and are more motivated to reach fitness goals.

Here’s a look at some of the best health and wellness apps to download for your own health:

Zombies, Run!

If you’re looking for something to get you moving, Zombies, Run! is just the app. You’ll never find yourself bored because instead of just running, you are going on missions to build up a safe home base to protect against the zombie apocalypse. While on your missions, your distance and pace are tracked and recorded. The app is free for Android and iOS and offers in-app purchases.

Spotify Running

Music and movement go together and the popular music streaming app Spotify pairs them well. The app doesn’t just play songs you like, it picks a playlist based on your pace and running rhythm. It’s a great tool for keeping up your desired pace and rocking out while you sweat. Spotify apps are free on iOS and Android, with paid upgrades that are ad-free.


This nutrition app makes other calorie counters look basic. By customizing your meal plans, it helps you stay on track based on your goals, height, weight, and food sensitivities. ShopWell gives your food choices a score (the closer you get to 100, the better) and makes suggestions for healthier alternatives. You can use it for meal planning or keeping track of what you eat during a normal day (and make adjustments for the future). It’s like a dietician in your pocket — and it’s free for Android and iOS.


If an electronic nutritionist isn’t enough to keep you honest on your eating, try the Rise app instead. For $14.99 per week, you have a real nutritionist to consult. Simply take photos of your meals and snacks and send them to your personal coach. Based on what you provide, the expert will give you tweaks to eat healthier. Weight loss isn’t the only goal, either. If you are looking for more energy, training for an athletic event, or want to build more muscle, your Rise consultant will keep you on track. So far, it’s only available on iOS devices.


Keep your emotional health on track with this free app for Android and iOS. When you first download it, you fill out a profile that delves into the mental health goals you desire — from lowering stress to working through resentment or grief. The app comes loaded with daily activities to keep your emotional health in check. Remember that issues like depression may need more than just an electronic component, and to seek out an in-person professional if you are struggling.

Sleep Cycle

Are you getting enough sleep? If you wake up feeling groggy every day, you probably need more shut-eye. But how much do you need, and how do you know if you reach that goal? The Sleep Cycle app takes the guesswork out by tracking your resting and waking patterns. It then sets an alarm within a half hour of your best window for waking. The basic app is free for iOS and offers in-app purchases, but costs .99 cents on Android devices.

Consider mobile health and wellness apps as motivational tools to keep you on track. Customize your own health plan based on these and the thousands of other options out there for an even healthier you.

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