Java Development Company

Write Once, Run Anywhere

At Barefoot Solutions, we design and develop high-volume, low-latency Java applications for mission-critical systems that deliver high availability and performance. We are both Java developers and .NET developers.

We are confident in our ability to create high-performing, secure, scalable, enterprise-grade applications.

Custom Java Development

As Java Enterprise Developers with many years experience with the platform, Barefoot Solutions has an exceptional grasp of how to actualize state-of-the-art enterprise level web applications including those for business intelligence systems, ERP and CRM.

We execute custom enterprise Java products using a range of Open Source and proprietary Java tools and frameworks. Whether your company’s needs call for web, ‘thick-client’ Swing applications or Web Service-based integration solutions, Barefoot can deliver the right enterprise software for your organization.

Not Just Java Developers, .NET Too

We have the knowledge, the experience and the creativity to build a broad range of user directed .NET enterprise applications – both WPF/WinForms applications as well as ASP.Net web applications. These can include online CMSbased websites, and the development of custom and complex database driven web application software.

We develop amazing corporate Java websites and subsites, desktop applications and web based applications with stunningly simple user experiences.

Java & .NET Project Insight Process

Our dedicated Java developers will sit down with your organization to go over every aspect of your desired end product. Each item on your requirement list will be addressed and discussed in full. At Barefoot, we have in depth knowledge of both Java and .NET development best practices such as proper version control management and both waterfall and agile development methodologies. We employ them in every application we design, each step of the way.We are confident in our ability for both the technical delivery of the project and the complete server side build.

As we commence and track through your development project, we clearly communicate both development scope and risk and employ a test-driven development environment.We ensure that every discovery we make is shared with you and each milestone we meet is approved by you.We promise you a deliverable that is quality from all angles including, but not limited to, code, documentation, configuration management and software engineering best practices.

Continuous Discovery

Once we deliver your solution, we do not stop there. Barefoot strives for continuous improvement on all the applications we develop. We consistently investigate new Java and .NET development forms, functions and applied science and present these to you periodically for review.

We can incrementally update the Java or .NET technology and underlying platforms, including back-office systems, to position your organization for sustainable future growth.