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Your brand is your identity. We design to make your brand identity unmistakeable and lovable. Our designers give life to your brand, helping you command a dedicated following and lifetime user base.

User Experience

A beautiful, easy-to-navigate user experience is the secret to attracting – and keeping – dedicated users. We design simple, understandable user experiences that guide users through sophisticated applications, delighting the user every step of the way.


Engage your audience with custom animation and eye-catching movement. We give your customers the ability to interact with your application in innovative ways leveraging the latest animation technologies.

Graphic Design

Apps should look as remarkable as they run. Our creative team’s years of experience designing stunning graphics deliver “wow” experiences and breathtaking applications, helping your app stand out and command marketplace attention.

iPhone App Design

We are a full service iPhone app design and development agency, dedicated to creating visually stunning applications and delightful user experiences. The fluidity of graphic design is one of the most important functions of an app in order to grow and maintain a committed user base. Said another way – if the app doesn’t look good, no one will want to use it. Our team of talented iPhone app designers come with years of experience, dedicated to creating elegant iOS apps knowing that the way your app looks could make – or break – its success.

Android App Design

Functional, highly responsive graphics add to the allure of our meticulously detailed Android app design. WIth more flexibility than iPhone app design, we create highly addictive Android applications that attract a wide variety of audiences and delighted users. Beautiful custom mobile app design is critical in order to ensure the maximum ROI on your project, which just so happens to be our expertise. We have the experience to take your idea and create a unique and engaging Android app that maximizes Google Play downloads with predictably high feedback results.

Speed to Market and Increased ROI

Our unique processes and methods speed up the time to market, all the while developing the high quality app you’re looking for. We do this on IoT projects with our unique hardware simulators which allow for parallel hardware and software development. We do this on all projects by utilizing our in-depth functional prototyping process. All of this in order to ensure a maintained focus on always increasing the return on investment. This means that not only are we able to design and build apps faster than our competition, those expedient processes have been tested and proven, ensuring that we make superior apps that meet what the market wants.


“We have worked with Barefoot Solutions for over 2 years on a long term PHP software product. They’re direct, honest, quick to respond & think creatively. As consultants, they take feedback well and are always open to new thinking and new approaches.”

Hamish Dunn
CEO, Universal Diagnostic Solutions

“The design looks great, and I have to say that posting an ad is frictionless, nearly instantaneous, and thus pretty easy to do.”

Tech Crunch
Tech products, and news

“The level of professionalism, quality of delivered product, and affordability in pricing made doing business with Barefoot Solutions an effective way to generate new revenue for my business. Bottom line – the website we built was generating revenue days after the launch. Barefoot Solutions made it very easy to communicate my needs and adapt as they changed.”

Tony Medrano
CEO & Co-Founder, RapportBoost.AI

“The app’s entire interface is streamlined, simple to use, and downright slick.”

Mac Life
Apple news, reviews, and how-tos

“After interviewing a handful of US and offshore development firms we went with Barefoot Solutions because they understood our vision, had experience developing similar platforms, and the team to develop what we wanted”

Andrew Beinbrink
CEO, SportsForce

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