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What is the Internet of Things?

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Fitbits and other activity trackers are linked with workout apps to track calorie consumption and thermostats can use real-time weather measurements to save you money. According to Acquity Group, 2/3 of consumers are expected to buy integrated, connective technology for their homes by 2019 and half are expected to do the same with wearable tech. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vision of an interconnected world where devices, cars, appliances, and other items are able to wirelessly communicate with each other to share data and make real-time changes based on that information. Everything from energy efficiency to agriculture will be completely revolutionized through big data utilization, integration, and interconnectivity between devices. Because of the continuously decreasing prices of sensors and other critical technology, the Internet of Things is no longer a dream, but an almost certain future.
Barefoot Solutions is ready to help your business prepare for this brave new world with Internet of Things software solutions and device integration. We understand the unique challenges and struggles of IoT development and will work with you to ensure everything will scale as needed. Our experienced developers are ready to help you create the perfect IoT software for your unique needs.

Smart Devices

At Barefoot Solutions, our IoT developers have a vast array of experience creating software solutions for smart devices via software for RFIDs, actuators, sensors, and other smart appliances. We also have a turnkey FOTA Management Platform allowing for seamless firmware over the air upgrades. In fields ranging from medical devices to home appliances, our developers can help provide the perfect software solution for your product’s hardware. Our embedded software specialists ensure your device functions seamlessly and any necessary features work exactly as you imagined. We work closely with you during the development and testing phase so that you have peace of mind and know that your project is in good hands.

Application Middleware

Internet of Things connectivity gets complicated if you want everything to integrate and communicate seamlessly. That’s where IoT application middleware comes in. IoT application middleware is the layer of software that joins together all the different components of your devices and software and enables smooth communication. The middleware is what allows your devices or applications to communicate with each other and others. Our developers recognize the importance of IoT middleware and work directly with you to ensure it is seamlessly integrated into your IoT project.

Data Analytics Software

The very backbone of the Internet of Things industry is big data. With the introduction of every new device comes increasingly large quantities of data that allow IoT devices to make real-time changes like watering your lawn based on soil dryness or shutting off your thermostat after measuring a change in weather. Barefoot Solutions’ IoT developers know this and work diligently to ensure our IoT software solution is capable of the immense amounts of data indexing, storage, and processing needing for IoT devices to function seamlessly.

Why Barefoot Solutions?


While we think the idea of an interconnected world of devices sounds awesome, we also recognize the need for a robust security network behind it to protect data and device access. That’s why our IoT development team is dedicated to putting safety first and ensuring your IoT solution is up to date with the latest in security components and software. We keep security in mind from the planning phase all the way until final testing is finished.


As the Internet of Things becomes more ubiquitous, it’s beginning to trickle into almost all aspects of life including the medical industry. Software development for integrated medical devices presents unique challenges like HIPAA compliancy and FDA submission. Our device integration development team has the extensive experience and knowledge to help you navigate these compliancy hurdles and get your app to where it needs to be. This includes experience with FDA Class I and II, ISO 9001 and ISO 13458, and a Quality Management System that can produce submission and audit-ready documentation.

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View some of our IoT Projects

Blue Sky Networks

Blue Sky Network is a principal supplier of satellite tracking and communication solutions for the aviation, land mobile and maritime industries.

Blue Sky Network is dedicated to developing and deploying innovative communication solutions that help their customers track their global fleets, resulting in improved safety, business efficiencies and profitability.


This risk of a radiological or nuclear attack on the US remains one of the greatest threats to our Nation. Barefoot Solutions developed an easy to use tablet and smartphone application called RadMATE that provides officers and first responders with real-time support. This powerful application automates and standardizes communications with centralized authorities.