Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) Management

Firmware Over The Air

The Internet of Things boom has completely changed the technology industry forever. Interconnectivity between devices is no longer a special feature, but a required one that presents its own set of unique struggles and hurdles. Because the IoT space is still new, the competition is intense. Pressure to get products to market faster and faster lead to unfortunate bugs, errors, and security holes that then need to be corrected post-release. That’s where FOTA comes in.

We’ve all heard the IoT horror stories of users needing to manually update everything from smart refrigerators to smart lightbulbs where these devices are rendered useless for extended periods of time. FOTA fixes that problem. FOTA (firmware over the air) allows users to update their firmware wirelessly, adding to ease of use and eliminating recalls based on fixable initial bugs. At Barefoot Solutions, we have a proprietary FOTA platform and our developers are well versed in FOTA development and are ready to help you add this functionality to your IoT device.

Embedded Software

Our FOTA developers will work directly with you to create embedded software that integrates perfectly with your device and enables you to complete firmware updates seamlessly. Embedded software gives your device the capability to perform all of the necessary firmware updates wirelessly.

Our embedded software libraries are easy to install in nearly all of the common IoT chipset architectures, allowing you to integrate with the Barefoot FOTA platform with only minimal effort. Or just let Barefoot developers handle the installation for you. This will make your IoT devices compatible with the FOTA platform and able to receive firmware updates from the user’s smartphone.

Why Barefoot Solutions?


It’s impossible to ensure that every device is always completely secure. FOTA capabilities allow you to push out timely security updates to make sure your users have the most up-to-date security possible. As new security issues are discovered, the need for recalls will be diminished if a simple firmware security patch can rectify the issue. We’ll help you create a robust and timely process for security patch deployment to give you and your users peace of mind.

Time to Market

It’s a competitive market and the longer it takes to get your IoT product out there, the narrower your path to success will be. FOTA allows you to get your products to market faster by creating a cost-effective, secure, and reliable method for updating firmware on your devices, without having to build out all of that infrastructure yourself. Not only is this beneficial for your time to market, but users will appreciate the ease of use they’re afforded due to the reduction in recalls and repair time.

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