FOTA Development & Management:

Update Your IoT Devices Continuously & Seamlessly With Firmware Over-The-Air


Continuous Improvement

The Barefoot FOTA platform enables your team to improve your IoT product continuously over time. Add new features, fix bugs, and modify product behavior long after you’ve shipped to your customers, maximizing the lifetime value of your products.

Keep your devices secure

Push or schedule firmware upgrades with critical security patches using our fully encrypted and secure update infrastructure.

Trouble free upgrades

Features like automatic resume on loss of power or network connectivity, one-click retry, and version rollbacks give you ultimate control to ensure easy upgrades and device management.

Improve time to market

Our turnkey system includes a web-based management platform, cloud delivery infrastructure, mobile SDKs and embedded libraries to allow for fast integration and deployment. Ship faster by decoupling software and hardware development efforts.

Web-based Management Console

  • Manage multiple devices enabling your entire product

  • Select between forced or prompted upgrades based on urgency of update

  • View progress and analytics, historical updates

Cloud Delivery Infrastructure

  • Scalable architecture that will grow as more devices are activated

  • Compatible with upgrading firmware via 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and more

  • Full end-to-end encryption ensuring secure and faithful delivery of firmware

Mobile SDKs

  • For Devices that are not network enabled, send firmware updates via mobile apps and Bluetooth Classic or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

  • Include app user interface for manually checking for updates and permission-based updates

  • SDKs available for iOS and Android apps

Embedded Libraries

  • Differential downloads minimize bandwidth and device memory requirements

  • Compatible with many of the major processors in the market today, with more being added regularly

  • Custom embedded library development available as a service

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