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Starbucks iOS Update Adds a Mobile Tip Jar to their Popular App

If you’re a Starbucks groupie, you’re probably already using their mobile payments app. It’s pretty smooth. You wave your phone over the dillibob at the Starbucks’ counter and you’re done. Unless you are a person who does the right thing and wants to add a tip. If so, you have to rummage through your wallet for some coins or bills. The app just became less convenient, right? In fact, some people (but not me or you) might skip the tip altogether because it adds just a tinsy bit of difficulty and time drain from their busy day.

Well, Starbucks has a rep for being both customer friendly and a pretty decent employer, so they decided to make things easier for customers while at the same time beefing up their baristas’ bank account. They added a mobile tip jar to an iOS update to the app. Now customers will receive a push notification after a purchase that shows their receipt and gives them a option to tip their barista. But be speedy, because after two hours that option disappears like the aroma of fresh coffee on a windy day.

They added some other cool features to the iOS update too – like shake to pay. Right now the app is only on iOS 6.0 devices or later and has a few other limitations. An updated Android app with all the new bells and whistles is poised to launch later this year.

Take a bigger sip here:

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