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Latest Android Update Comes Complete with Malware Scanning

Google is throwing the spotlight on its most recent Android update. The functionality focus of the update is increased device security. With this update, the users will attempt to install a new app, and  Android scans the app and raises the red flag – via an alert. If it appears the app might harm or compromise the user’s device. Then the user can take action, and the Google update continues to scan apps after installation for new malware code.

This update is good news because malware can be pretty nasty and invasive. It can grab your personal information and  control phone functions. Even worse, it can access a your voicemail, login data, text messages, call logs and more.

A couple quick caveats –

  • Google notes that your device may be made more vulnerable when downloading apps from a third party source outside of Google Play.
  • The update won’t necessarily prevent users from downloading bogus apps that cost money and provide no real service – like the $3.99 Virus Shield.
  • The update will not be effective if it’s not put into use. An astonishing low number of users actually install system upgrades when offered ( only 2.5% of Android users are running the latest version of the software known as KitKat, released in October of last year) .

Read more about the update here.


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